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EU recyclers: lack of demand from metals industry

Europe – During the recent General Assembly of the European metal trade and recycling federation Eurometrec held in Brussels, representatives of the national member associations expressed concern at the current lack of buying interest in recycled metals shown by a large number of European consumers.

According to the association, the attitude of the metal-consuming industry is in sharp contrast to its on-going messages about the need to improve access to raw materials in Europe and eventually to develop new policies at EU and national levels to facilitate their supply.

Some European recycling companies report significant difficulties in selling copper to major European smelters. Where sales are possible, the payment conditions, delivery schedules and discounts imposed on suppliers are considerable; this situation exists for copper/precious metals mixes as well as for rare earth metals. For aluminium, circumstances appear slightly less serious – albeit quite difficult for some of the lower grades.

In light of the recent EU Commission Communication regarding the challenges to commodity markets and on raw materials, Eurometrec states that the European recycling industry is ready and prepared to fulfil its role as the most significant raw material supplier and calls upon the metal-consuming industry to review its current procurement policy in support of its regular and on-going suppliers.

Eurometrec members are national federations in the EU member states representing the interests of commercial firms that are primarily involved in the collection, trade, processing and recycling of non-ferrous metal scrap.

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