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Cycleon-Recare: new chapter for electronics refurbishment

Germany – Following the trend of increasing shipment volumes and the rise of returned goods, the Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) has acquired two companies specialised in refurbishment and remarketing of electronic and electric appliances: British-Romanian Britcom and Czech-based Kvenna. Both will operate under the new name Cycleon-Recare.

The business deal completes the service portfolio of its affiliate company Cycleon, including logistics, sorting and grading processes, says RLG. It notes that the key to successful refurbishment and remarketing is an efficient pre-sorting and grading process. Hence, Cycleon-Recare makes use of 20 consolidation centres throughout Europe to pre-determine whether the product is deemed suitable for resale or recycle.

‘For small domestic appliances, for example, refurbishment and resale is already reasonable for products valued starting around EUR 50,’ says RLG. Admitted products are sent to one of three treatment facilities located in Birmingham, UK, Bucharest, Romania and Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Additional to standard services like repair, cleaning and re-packaging clients may add data wiping, product auditing and testing services to the process. Up to 85% of goods can be resold, labelled as refurbished goods of different quality levels.

The remarketing is conducted by Cycleon-Recare’s selling team in line with client requirements to secure brand protection. The company therefore operates an own remarketing platform but also uses other approved sales channels.

Based in Dornach near Munich in Germany, the Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) has subsidiaries and equity holdings, both of them are leading operators of both individual and collective take-back-systems for products and reusable materials in Europe, the Americas and Asia. 

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