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Covanta Tartech promises ‘a myriad of benefits’

United States – Covanta Tartech, a joint venture between Covanta Energy Corporation and Germany-based Tartech eco industries, has started up its metals recovery and recycling system at an ash monofill in Massachusetts, USA. The Peabody facility is expected to recover ‘thousands of tonnes of metal’ deposited in the ash monofill over time, the partners say. Covanta’s ceo Seth Myones says the development will provide ‘a myriad of benefits’ for the environment and the economy. Commissioner Kenneth Kimmell of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection adds: ‘The recovery of valuable metals from the combustion process will help to further shrink the waste stream and free up landfill capacity. I am pleased that our state will host a promising new technology.’
Last year, Covanta’€™s waste-to-energy facilities in North America recovered more than 415 000 tonnes of ferrous and over 16 000 tonnes of non-ferrous metal for recycling. This is enough steel and aluminium to build five Golden Gate Bridges and produce over 1 billion aluminium beverage cans, according to the company.

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