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Coca-Cola expands plastic recycling initiatives in UK

United Kingdom – Coca-Cola and supermarket chain Sainsbury’s have launched the six-week-long sustainability campaign ‘Don’€™t Waste. Create’, designed to boost the reuse and recycling of plastic bottles in the UK. In June, the soft drinks giant ran a similar initiative with supermarket giant Tesco called ‘Together We’re Making Recycling Count’.

The online campaign in collaboration with Sainsbury’s will ‘encourage consumers to use their waste packaging at home in a fun and useful way, while also pledging to recycle’, according to Coca-Cola. Parents will be asked to submit recycling ‘pledges’ – such as turning used bottles into products like bird-feeders or self-watering bottle plant pots – and, in return, will receive money-off vouchers for Coca-Cola products as well as the chance to win a holiday in France.

‘We are committed to reducing plastic waste and helping our customers to re-think how they dispose of their packaging,’ says Nick Brown, Coca-Cola’s associate director for recycling. ‘By asking them to reuse and then recycle plastic bottles, “Don’t Waste. Create” encourages families to think more sustainably while having fun, giving them a tangible way to help reduce their household waste.’

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Source: The Grocer

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