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Cleaning up the UK’s used car waste flow

UK recycler Enva has partnered up with second-hand vehicle retailer CarShop to take care of all waste management services for its new flagship store in Nottingham. Enva hopes that the business deal will cement its position at the forefront of waste and recycling for the UK automotive sector.

CarShop’s Nottingham site boasts an 80 000 ft2 building which displays over two hundred vehicles and includes a workshop as well as an outdoors area where another five hundred cars are parked.

Under the terms of the agreement, Enva will manage all the waste produced at the Nottingham site and provide a clear and concise audit trail for a range of materials and services including general waste, scrap metal, hazardous waste and interceptor cleaning. Enva will also offer advice to help CarShop reduce the amount of waste being generated.

Any waste that is produced will be recycled into new products or secondary materials for use in manufacturing. Where this is not possible, waste will be used as fuel for the generation of sustainable energy.

‘We look forward to continuing our relationship with CarShop and ensuring that their recycling and environmental performance reflects the quality and ambition of their business,’ comments Enva’s national sales director, Trevor Lawlor. ‘Improving environmental performance enhances your brand and makes good commercial sense. The service we provide will be continually reviewed to optimise recycling rates and manage costs.’

CarShop’s head of business, Lee Dowell goes on to state: ‘As one of the UK’s leading used car retailers, we fully recognise our responsibility to operate an environmentally sustainable business.  I’m confident Enva’s experience in the sector will support us in further reducing our environmental impact.  It will also ensure that, wherever possible, the waste we produce is recovered and reused in the manufacture of recycled products.’

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