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Chinese government underwrites 18 recycling projects

China – China’s Ministry of Commerce has announced that 18 recycling projects, including recycling bins, sorting and processing centres and dismantling facilities, are to receive government subsidies covering up to 50% of total investment costs.

Qualifying projects include Zhongzhou Steel’s 300 000 tonne scrap processing yard in Jiangxia, a facility operated by Hubei Renewable Resource Co in Chenjiaji, and a plan by e-waste recycler GEM High-Tech to extend its battery collection scheme to thousands of shops across the country.
A pilot project launched at the start of this year by the Ministries of Commerce and Finance aims at improving China’s exploitation of renewable resources. The bulk of the financing is targeted at 10 major cities including Wuhan, which according to local news reports will receive Yuan 49 million (US$ 7.58 million).

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