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Asbestos in steel scrap? Not a problem!

Netherlands – Steel scrap containing asbestos does not have to be a problem for recyclers anymore, so says Purified Metal Company, based in the Netherlands. Its patented smelting process will be at the heart of a ‘state-of-the-art’ recycling plant to be built in the coastal town of Delfzijl.

Purified Metal Company is the first company in the world to find a way to safely recycle steel scrap contaminated with asbestos.

Its special melting process heats up the metal to a temperature of 1500°celsius and effectively breaks down the hazardous fibres into sand, glass and magnesium oxide. This new recycling facility will create 70 jobs and will ‘neutralise’ most pollution present and significantly brings down CO2-emissions when compared to steel from iron ore.

Purified Metal Company has pledged to recycle the contaminated steel scrap into high-quality raw material for the steel industry. Also, this means the scrap no longer has to be parked in special landfills.

The Dutch firm has already signed a land lease agreement between Groningen Seaports in the North of Holland (covering nearly 4 hectares of ground) and hopes to start construction of the ‘fully sealed’ recycling plant before the end of the year.

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