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BIR World Recycling Convention

  • Event start May 21, 2023
  • Event end May 24, 2023
  • Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Website Visit website
  • Phone +32 (0) 2 627 57 70
  • Email address [email protected]

This May, BIR goes back to its roots! Join us in Amsterdam, the birthplace of BIR, for a memorable 75th-anniversary celebration during our 2023 World Recycling Convention & Exhibition on (21) 22 – 24 May.

A piece of history: … and then there was BIR!

On 18 March 1948, leading recyclers from the Benelux countries came together in Amsterdam’s Amstel Hotel for a celebratory reception, during which two of the directors and owners of a renowned Dutch recycling company suggested to their foreign guests that a transboundary recyclers’ association should be founded. The presidents of the Belgian and Dutch scrap organisations decided to invite Luxembourg, France and Great Britain to join the embryonic organisation, which was officially named the Bureau International de la Récupération at the first official meeting in June 1948, held again in Amsterdam, at the Carlton Hotel.

75 years on, BIR stands strong, with a continuously growing membership base, a diversified materials portfolio and influential connections with international legislators and supranational organisations.

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