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What’s next for the multi-billion battery recycling industry?

The global battery recycling market is expected to reach US$ 21 billion by 2025, according to a new study by Grandview Research. Will this prediction come true? And how will the sector be able to make the most of its potential?

For one, the impact of the recently launched European Battery Alliance will be touched upon at the 23rd edition of the conference. The programme also takes a closer look at innovative battery recycling technologies and includes an in-depth review of the EU Batteries Directive.

Topics of importance

Three keynote speakers have been confirmed to speak at the event in Germany’s capital:

  • Professor Kerstin Kuchta (Hamburg University of Technology) will address the role of batteries in a circular economy
  • Didier Marginèdes, Director of Blue Solutions, will review how car manufacturers are anticipating new market demand with the development of electric mobility
  • Gudula Schwan from the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure will talk about the importance of controlling hazards and risks when transporting batteries for recycling.

Adapting to change

‘The battery recycling industry has operated in Europe for more than 50 years. During the last twenty years it has adapted to many technological cycles, including lead-acid and primary alkaline battery recycling, but also nickel-cadmium and nickel metal hydride processing as well as more recently dealing with lithium primary and lithium-ion rechargeable types,’ reflects Jean-Pol Wiaux, chairman of the ICBR steering committee. He acknowledges that moving from a linear to a circular economy is a ‘big push’ for recyclers.

But battery recyclers are ‘not operating alone’, Wiaux stresses. The important role of OEMs is also under scrutiny, as they need to integrate both the technical and the economical aspects of battery recycling in their commercial policy.

Further activities

Two plant tours (to Nickelhütte Aue and to Electrocycling) and exhibition for recycling technology experts is once again part of the conference, says Swiss event organiser ICM. Besides, the popular networking dinner and cocktail receptions grant visitors ample opportunities to exchange recycling know-how and strike up new business contacts.

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