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Veolia plant targets lighting and electronic waste

United States – Veolia Environmental Services has unveiled a new 55 000-square-foot e-scrap recycling facility in Massachusetts, USA, for the processing of anything from fluorescent lamps, batteries and e-scrap to mercury-bearing waste.

The installation of modern equipment will ensure that more than 99% of a fluorescent lamp by weight can be recycled, according to Veolia. Besides separating fluorescent lamps into their core components, the company plans to work with partners on the recovery of rare-earth elements from phosphor powder.

‘As technology improves, we’re able to break down and reclaim even more materials, especially hazardous materials, and prevent them from entering the waste stream, asserts Jim Bell, ceo and president of Veolia. ‘Our investment in this facility represents our commitment to finding better solutions for lighting and electronic waste as well as ways to minimise the impact of waste on our environment.’

The new plant will cater to the needs of industrial, commercial and government organisations spanning West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and the New England states.

Recent figures indicate that Veolia processes roughly 15.5 million pounds of lighting and electronic waste per year while more than 155 lb of elemental mercury is reclaimed from recycling fluorescent lamps.

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