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US campaign to aid responsible electronics recycling

United States – A new campaign has been launched in the USA to increase and encourage safe and secure recycling of household electronics. ‘Project Reboot’ is the name given to this joint awareness programme of the Earth911 organisation and the US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).

The launch of Project Reboot follows a recent survey by Harris Interactive which found that nearly 75 million Americans (31%) have never recycled electronics, primarily because they did not have the right information. The survey also found that ‘despite the lack of information regarding electronics recycling, 97% of American adults would recycle their small electronics’.

According to its initiators, Project Reboot aims to bring together businesses, corporations and civic groups to inform the public. Year-long education efforts will focus not only on the need to recycle electronics but also on the importance of ‘doing it responsibly through a recycler certified to handle electronics at the highest level of environmental, health and worker safety standards, and that guarantees secure destruction of all personal data’.

The campaign includes an electronics recycling pledge, social media components (including an interactive Facebook page), print materials on how and where to safely recycle, and recycling and reuse tips. ‘People too often clamour for the latest technology with little knowledge of how to responsibly recycle the gadgets they are replacing,’ argues ISRI president Robin Wiener.

Earth911’s chief executive officer Brian Dick adds: ‘The ability for consumers to find electronic recycling opportunities in their community is essential to ensure these obsolete devices are properly handled.’

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