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T-Mobile wants to raise millions for charity with new recycling campaign

United States – Americans discard an estimated 135 million mobile phones each year, according to data from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Telecom provider T-Mobile is now taking action to recycle as many unwanted phones as possible, starting next month.

From December 1, T-Mobile is calling on all US residents to bring their old or broken phones to its stores across the country. The company stresses it has extended the phone recycling scheme to tablets as well.

For each device handed in, T-Mobile will match what it is worth – no matter what the brand is or what state the electronics are in. All proceeds will be donated to two charities; Feeding America, which feeds over 46 million US citizens, and Team Rubicon, which provides disaster relief.

‘The holidays bring out the best in people, but with tight budgets and busy schedules, finding a way to give isn’t always easy,’ comments company ceo and president John Legere. ‘That’s why we’ve made giving back such a no-brainer! Who doesn’t have an old phone or tablet collecting dust somewhere? Now is the time to dig it out and double your impact for a couple of incredible causes – Feeding America and Team Rubicon,’ he adds.

T-Mobile has pledged a minimum matching donation of US$ 1 million to be split equally between both charities.

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