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Sims opens large-scale e-scrap processing facility in Canada

Canada – Claimed as ‘the world’s most advanced e-waste recycling facility’, a new 100.000 tonnes electronics recycling plant began formal operations. Executives and dignitaries ceremoniously started the processing line of Sims Recycling Solutions’ (SRS) new flagship 287,000 sq. ft. facility in Canada.

At its peak operational capacity, the Mississauga, Ontario facility will recycle 100,000 metric tonnes of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) annually and will be the primary receiving point for Ontario’s mandated WEEE program. The e-waste processing equipment installed at this facility is the product of decades of technological refinement at SRS facilities worldwide.
There are 3 significant areas of innovation – a fully mechanized, zero-waste process for recycling old cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors and televisions; better metals recycling technologies that recover more metals from WEEE and advanced plastic separation technology that ensures closed-loop, plastic-to-plastic recycling. Sims’ multi-million dollar investment in Mississauga ensures higher recycling rates while maintaining the strict environmental and safety standards synonymous with Sims Recycling Solutions.
Cindy Coutts, President of Sims Recycling Solutions Canada stated at the ceremony: ‘The economies of scale, security, energy efficiency, environmental performance and associated low carbon footprint provide our customers with better value and peace of mind for their recycling requirements.’
In Ontario during the last 5 years, Sims Recycling Solutions has recycled over 45 million kilogrammes of WEEE. Globally, Sims Recycling Solutions processed over 400 million kilogrammes in 2010.
‘This is an exciting time to be in the WEEE business in Ontario. It is significant to the health of the Canadian environment that Ontario, home to 39% of Canada’s population, now has a mandated WEEE recycling program. There is an opportunity to recover, reuse and recycle an estimated 42,000 metric tonnes per year of WEEE in Ontario alone.’ Coutts concluded, ‘With governments looking to progressive policies on waste diversion and key electronic product producers looking to close the loop on their WEEE, Sims’ is prepared to provide best-in-class electronics recycling services to residential consumers, businesses and provincial programs across Canada.’

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