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Repair calculator shows your carbon savings

The Farnham Repair Café has launched its latest version of its Repair Café Carbon Calculator. It hopes that the free online tool – available to repair shops and recycling stakeholders around the world – will help make consumer products last longer.   

The “V2” upgrade complements “Right to Repair” laws and emerging trends around this widely discussed topic. The first-ever right to repair laws came into effect in the EU in March 2021, with the UK following four months later. Manufacturers in Europe are now legally obligated to ensure that electric and electronic goods, such as televisions and fridges, can be repaired for up to ten years after purchase.

In line with the European Commission’s Sustainable Product Initiative (SPI), all EU products now need to be designed to be repairable, recyclable, durable, energy-efficient and free of hazardous chemicals.

‘Our Carbon Calculator V2 displays information on users’ carbon savings in a more easily and clearly understood way,’ says its developer Steve Privett. He maintains that repairing is a vital way of preventing waste, and combatting the ‘buy now, throwaway later’ culture.

‘There are no changes to how the tool operates or the calculation methods used. But, inside, the software has been re-engineered to display results through graphic images – and give a more descriptive equivalence to carbon savings via an example range of ‘everyday’ activities,’ Privett says. This includes driving, air travel and taking a hot shower. ‘For example, 35 kg of repaired electrical items at a repair café session would save 306 kg of carbon emissions, the equivalent emissions of taking 191 hot showers,’ he notes.

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