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Refind refines sorting system for ‘frontrunners’

Sweden – Sorting specialist Refind Technologies has launched a new system platform containing both software and equipment components for custom development of ‘advanced identification’ and sorting solutions for end-of-life and used electronics.

The Refind Classifier Platform is based on ′proven applications′ in waste battery and e-waste sorting, and it is capable of recognising individual products. In a stream of widely-varied electronic devices, the system can determine that a certain phone is a Nokia Lumia 1020, Refind points out. Any damage, such as a broken screen, will also be registered to allow automatic triage, billing and greater sorting efficiency, says the Swedish company.

A previous system served specifically the sorting of waste portable batteries at a rate of more than 15 per second whereas the latest version is said to be suitable for ′basically any stream of products or material′. The software components are both delivered as part of the systems and as a cloud service which is supported and ′updated continuously′ by Refind.

According to company ceo Hans Eric Melin, used products are treated as end-of-life items far too early. ′And lack of efficient ways for collection and sorting is a strongly contributing reason for this,′ he comments. ′We now provide the necessary tools to real frontrunners in recycling and reverse logistics to build up competitive solutions which will improve their position.′

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