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Preparing for a ‘quantum leap’ in Egypt’s e-cycling

Egypt – RecycloBekia, ‘the first company in the Arab world to offer green recycling of electronic waste’, is collaborating with major online shopping platform Jumia Egypt to encourage consumers to recycle their unwanted electronic devices.

The partnership will enable Egyptian consumers to request an e-scrap pick-up, and participation in the scheme is to be rewarded with ‘recycling points’ coupons. ‘So, instead of filling your cart and paying for the value of the electrical or electronic goods you buy, you still fill the cart but you pay with the value of devices you own as e-waste,’ notes Mohamed Sehsah, cto and business developer at RecycloBekia.

‘A car battery, for example, is worth 280 points and a laptop around 180 points. When a user reaches 800 points, they get a voucher worth EGP 100 (US$ 15),’ he adds.

RecycloBekia was established in Cairo two years ago and now serves over 25 leading companies in Egypt such as Intel, General Motors and Oracle. Its mission is to support a sustainable economy and to ‘lead the Middle East and North Africa through a quantum leap in the culture of e-waste recycling’.

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