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‘Powerful’ e-scrap equipment upgrade for SRS

United States – Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS) has installed what it describes as ‘the world’s most powerful electronic waste recycling equipment’ at a 200 000-square-foot facility in California, USA.

The set-up features an enhanced workflow process that will enable SRS to increase processing capacity by 36.4 million pounds per year. ‘This is the equivalent of almost two million computers,’ the company says. SRS president Steve Skurnac adds: ‘Our engineering team analysed our current equipment and its capabilities and determined that in the long-run it was necessary to upgrade so it could effectively handle the growing demand of material ready for recycling.’

With the improved process at the Roseville location, SRS will be in a position to ‘accept a wider variety of materials in higher volumes’ so as to better serve the needs of local municipalities, communities and businesses, Skurnac goes on to say.

Installation of the equipment began in April and the ‘grand opening’ was scheduled for this week. Skurnac recalls that the now-refined equipment was originally installed in the mid-1990s and was ‘one of the first’ electronic waste recycling machines built in the USA.

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