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Police battling a battery theft crime wave?

Global – Copper is often regarded as the commodity of choice for scrap thieves – but lately they have become a tad more original in their thinking, with both Scotland and the USA appearing to be battling car battery crime waves.

Police in Fife, Scotland, have reported that 63 batteries were stolen from recycling centres and construction sites in the first two weeks of April, while another investigation is under way to trace 28 batteries worth around US$ 500 apiece which have been taken from an AT&T site in New Jersey, USA.

In the case of the former, two dozen batteries were stolen from the Pittenweem recycling centre alone, notes Sergeant David Hayes of Fife Community Safety Partnership. ‘These thefts could cause serious road safety issues and there are also safety concerns around the acid in the batteries if they are being stripped down for the scrap value,’ he comments. Any individuals with information about the thefts are being encouraged to contact the authorities via the Crimestoppers hotline or anonymously via the organisation’s website.

Investigators in the USA believe there might be a ‘serial battery thief’ operating in the area, citing recent thefts worth over US$ 4000.

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