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Philips targets more action on recycled products

The Netherlands – Consumer electronics giant Philips is to bid to intensify the reuse of recycled materials in its products, according to Eelco Smit, sustainability manager in its consumer lifestyle division.

In the study report ‘Resources for our Future’, published this week by the Dutch TNO research institute together with the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, Smit calls for more action by both the recycling and producing industries. ‘We have to work together with the suppliers of both recycled and virgin materials,’ he says.

Philips aims to double the amount of recycled material in its products by 2015 as well as to double the collection and recycling of its products. A showcase ‘eco-friendly’ product is the Senseo Viva Café Eco coffee machine: half of its plastic components, 45% of its metal parts and 90% of its packaging are made of recycled materials.

There’s a solid reason for Philips doing this, according to Smit. ‘We expect that in the near future many of the raw materials we use will become scarcer and prices will rise,’ he argues. ‘So recycling these materials will reduce our costs.’

The ‘Resources for our Future’ study report, presented this week to the Dutch minister for foreign trade Lilianne Ploumen, covers the economic, ecological and (geo)political aspects of the globally growing shortage of raw materials, and focuses on alternative resources.

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