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PEF pilot to help harmonise battery labelling?

Europe – The European Commission has selected the RECHARGE battery association to develop the Product Environment Footprint (PEF) for rechargeable batteries in an advanced pilot phase. According to the Brussels-based body, its proposal was chosen from 90 others, together with 11 related projects.

Using a life-cycle assessment approach, RECHARGE aims to develop the ‘applicable criteria’ to the environmental performance of batteries in selected applications. It is hoped these may be ‘translated to the overall rechargeable battery sector’. Ultimately, the PEF pilot phase will provide an opportunity to ‘harmonise’ the rules for environmental labelling of the batteries.

RECHARGE says its environmental impact evaluation for rechargeable batteries will be based on the PEF guidance document, as well as selected environmental performance criteria; the latter are inline data internationally recognised and accepted by battery industry players and other stakeholders.

‘Our mission is to promote advanced rechargeable batteries as a technology that will contribute to a sustainable society, a resource and energy-efficient policy and to the achievement of a green circular economy,’ RECHARGE notes.


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