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Panasonic looks to cut e-scrap volume in US

Panasonic has unveiled a takeback scheme for unwanted electronic devices at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

According to the electronic giant, more than 88 million Americans use an electric shaver or trimmer. ‘Most of these are destined for landfills, wasting an opportunity to recycle the batteries, metals, and other materials trapped in the devices,’ the producer says. ‘Our programme aims to start diverting this e-waste to an important input stream for a more circular supply chain – and pay consumers to do it.’

To participate in the Take-back Tomorrow scheme, an owner of such devices signs up at Panasonic covers the costs of shipping the end-of-life product with partner ERI. The recycler has created a pre-paid label for consumers to pack and send used products for recycling.  

Lithium-ion batteries taken from these devices will be sent to Redwood Materials to recycle and remanufacture the metals into critical anode and cathode components for Panasonic’s electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Recycled cathode active materials from Redwood will be used in lithium-ion batteries manufactured at Panasonic’s new EV battery facility under construction in De Soto, Kansas, starting in 2025.

‘It is an honour to be working with Panasonic and Redwood Materials on such an innovative and consumer-friendly programme,’ says John Shegerian, ceo of ERI. ‘The work we will be doing will prevent household electronics from ending up in landfills, diverting them back into the circular economy, while providing a convenient way for people to do the right thing for the planet.’

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