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One step closer to European e-scrap standards

Europe – Following the EU’s introduction of the WEEELABEX standards for e-scrap recycling in 2011, 26 waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) compliance schemes have joined together to set up an official organisation, which will help to implement these standards across Europe.

The new organisation, initiated by the WEEE Forum and created in April in Prague, is an international non-profit legal entity. It has been set up to train auditors in the WEEELABEX standards, as well as to promote the adoption of these standards by operators and member states as a means of improving WEEE management practices in Europe.

Once trained, auditors will be qualified to approve operators’ WEEE treatment processes as ‘WEEELABEX processes’. Members of the WEEELABEX organisation will be required to recognise this conformity approval. Any auditor, regardless of the organisation they work for, can become a WEEELABEX auditor, provided they are eligible for the training programme and have successfully completed it.

The WEEE Forum is a European non-profit association speaking for 39 electrical and electronic equipment waste (WEEE) producer compliance schemes – alternatively referred to as ‘producer responsibility organisations’ (PROs). It was set up in the early 2000s.

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Source: WEEE Forum

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