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Nulife to open multi-million CRT venture in the USA

United States – UK firm Nulife Glass is to establish a US$ 5.9 million recycling operation at Bristol in the US state of Virginia where the focus will be on glass from electronic waste .

Headquartered in Manchester, Nulife specialises in the collection and recycling of all types of cathode ray tube (CRT) glass. The new operation will create 46 jobs, according to Virginia’s governor Terry McAuliffe, who approved a US$ 110 000 grant to support the venture.

A further US$ 190 000 has been provided by The Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission. Meanwhile, Nulife’s employee training activities at the new site will be supported by the Virginia Jobs Investment Program.

Nulife opened its first North American facility in 2013: the operation near Buffalo can process more than 200 million pounds of CRT glass per year in furnaces that can melt the equivalent of 10 tonnes of televisions on a daily basis.

Via its online webshop and in association with glass artist Michelle Keeling, Nulife also promotes handmade cufflinks and pendants made from recycled CRT glass.


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Source: 360Business

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