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New lamp recycling venture at Vulaines

France – In 2011, a lamp recycling plant was created by a French pioneer in this particular field.

Jean Marie Bailly built a small recycling plant for the handling of fluorescent and neon glass bulbs in the late 1990s at Saint Thibault, selling his business in 2007 to German recycling conglomerate Remondis. But when Remondis, which had invested heavily in the site, opted to quit the fluorescent light business to focus on other markets, Mr Bailly decided to create a new business named Artemise. Created in July 2011, this young company has responded to a call for tenders launched by Récylum – a non-profit organisation responsible for the recycling of lamps placed on the French market. Artemise is set to commence its activities in January 2012 at temporary premises in Vulaines near Barberey-Saint-Sulpice airport. Total investment is estimated at Euro 1.4 million, of which Euro 600 000 has been spent on machinery. The plant will ultimately employ around 15 people and will process 1200 tonnes per year. Récylum collected 4000 tonnes of lamps throughout France in 2011 from an estimated disposal figure of 19 000 tonnes. Volumes are expected to grow steadily given the progressive ban on filament lamps.

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