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New app eases e-scrap recycling

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and latest software is helping its partner Stone Group recycle annually over 330 000 units of used electronics such as laptops, desktops computers and printers.

The UK company has launched Stone 360, a new app that lets organisations across the public, private and education sectors arrange for Stone to pick up unwanted electronic devices and take them back to its recycling centres. 

Stone’s customers earn points for returning their e-waste, either as cash or increased by 20% when traded in for Stone’s new or refurbished technology

When customers earn enough points, Stone will also plant a tree as part of its partnership with the National Forest.

Notable clients include the Department for Work and Pensions and vehicle rental business Northgate. Stone collects end-of-life PCs and laptops from more than 80 Northgate sites across the UK. As with all its collections, Stone picked up the devices in secure, GPS-tracked vehicles fitted with CCTV and load weighting. At its Stafford HQ, Stone erases all the data from the devices using the same standards as the Ministry of Defence. 

‘We recycle a lot of technology that’s old, unwanted or unsafe from across the UK but nothing we collect goes to landfill,’ says Dionne Barlow, director of marketing and e-commerce at Stone. ‘Our app is empowering companies to protect the environment in a very easy and stress-free way.’

And she adds: ‘Microsoft’s tools have been critical to our success, especially during the pandemic this year. The M365 software allowed us to easily transition from working together in an office to working remotely. It meant that our business and our customers haven’t noticed any changes in 2020.’ 

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