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NASCAR raising green flag for e-scrap programme

United States – The US stock car racing organisation NASCAR has launched an e-waste programme for the coming season that will focus on the complex electronic components found in racing cars and support vehicles.

Mike Lynch, Managing Director of NASCAR Green Innovation, says there is ‘huge potential for expanding the scope and volume of recycling’ in the world of motor racing.

NASCAR is teaming up with Creative Recycling Systems, one of its ‘official green partners’, to develop the initiative. The recycling company specialises in e-waste, originating from both business equipment and household electronics. Mr Lynch says it is set to become the ‘go-to firm for recycling electronic components in all the vehicles that make NASCAR possible’.

He sees the programme as giving real-world relevance to green technologies. The partners will combine to promote the importance of recycling to crowds at events taking place across the USA.

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