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NASA astronaut to speak at e-scrap congress

Austria – More than 500 professionals and experts are expected to attend the 14th International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC), which will take place in Salzburg mid January 2015. Topics to be discussed at the three-day event will include: WEEE 2020; the e-scrap value chain; 100 years of recycling in Finland; an update on electronics recycling in Kenya; and presentations on technical innovations.

This year’s guest speaker will be Ron Garan, ceo of US-based Impact CoLab – a retired NASA astronaut who believes that appropriate design and targeted social enterprise can solve many of the problems our world is facing. In addition, keynote speaker Telis Mistakidis of Glencore (Switzerland) will give an overview of the company’s metals business while David Higgins of the Interpol Environmental Crime Programme will focus on improving law enforcement regarding illegal waste shipments.

A large exhibition area will be integrated into the conference facility where equipment and service providers can meet potential clients. Cocktail receptions and a networking dinner will be held in order to bring together business partners, friends and competitors.

The congress organisers are also offering tours of plants in the vicinity of Salzburg, including a copper smelter and a major shredder plant.

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