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Mumbai renews e-scrap plant push

India – The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) intends to revive a three-year-old project to set up an e-scrap treatment facility, Business Line has reported. Four hectares of land in Bhiwandi has already been reserved for this ‘urgent need’.

An earlier attempt to establish an e-scrap plant failed because the proposal was based on an ‘incorrect financial assessment’, according to MMRDA commissioner U.P.S. Madan. This time, the MMRDA is consulting bodies such as the Manufacturers Association for Information Technology to help find the appropriate model for the facility.

Instead of making ‘a huge investment’, Madan adds that the MMRDA will act as a facilitator for private companies to realise the development while also creating awareness about the hazards of e-scrap.

Recent estimates suggest the metropolitan region annually produces around 200 000 tonnes of e-scrap – only 20% of which is properly recycled.

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