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Logipal and Regain aim to better e-waste norms

The Netherlands/France – Dutch pallet pooling company FHG IPP Logipal has struck a multi-year collaboration deal with France-based Regain Eco-Plast, part of Groupe Regain. The partnership will look to establish stricter standards for e-waste collection throughout Europe.

As of 2019, the EU wants all member countries to collect a minimum of 85% of all electronic goods manufactured on their domestic market – or 65% of all sold products. With a growing number of e-waste players depending on the Logipal modular and uniform box system, the Dutch company expects to play a meaningful role in realising the EU objective.

According to Regain Eco-Plast, which caters to approximately 35% of France’€™s television and computer monitor recycling market, the pallet pooling player’€™s international e-waste experience was a deciding factor in the partner selection process. ‘€˜After extensive testing, we opted for reusable pallets and boxes by FHG IPP Logipal,’€™ says Regain Eco-Plast Director Daniel Roumier.

‘€˜We look forward to using our sustainable transport resources to serve Groupe Regain,’€™ states Logipal’€™s Commercial Director European Electronics Businesses Pim van der Vorst. Customers pay only for the time they actually use the pallets and boxes, eliminating the need for major investments, he emphasises.

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