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Kenya closer to e-scrap regulations

Kenya – Kenya’s National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is to finalise regulations to monitor importers of new and used electronics and to implement a nationwide e-waste recycling programme.

Under the proposed law, importers of electronics would be required to register with NEMA and provide an annual report on volumes of imported goods as well as projected totals for the coming year.

The environment authority will also begin certifying e-scrap recycling facilities to handle the growing influx of electronics into the East African country. Under the current proposals, facilities would be required to follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure ‘the safe and responsible dismantling of e-scrap’.

With these measures, Kenya hopes to signal a major shift in its policy towards e-scrap. In 2010, the United Nations Environment Programme reported that Kenya disposed of an estimated 17 000 tonnes of e-scrap each year. Many fear this number will have jumped since then, thus giving an added sense of urgency to the new regulations.


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