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Israeli fridge recycler is in the army now

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Dotan Kabak heads an e-scrap recycling business in Israel. Following the terrorist attacks on his country, recycling is obviously no longer on top of his mind. ‘We’ve gone through hell, there are other concerns now,’ Kabak tells Recycling International on the phone from his car.

‘I’m on the way to a military camp where I am temporarily based,’ he says. ‘For security reasons I cannot share details but, yes, I’m a reserve officer in the Israeli army trying to help and do what needs to done to protect my country and my people. We all feel the responsibility. Dozens of aircraft with reservists from all over the world are flying in every day.’

Sderot facility shut down

Kabak is among Israel’s frontrunners in electronics recycling. In 2022 he launched a fridge and aircon recycling project (investment EUR 7 million) at Sderot, a town in southern Israel and very close to the border with Gaza.

Sderot has been suffering heavily under the violence and operations at the fridge dismantling plant have been shut down temporarily. ‘There have been victims among our employees’ families and some are among the people kidnapped by the terrorists.’

Support from ISRI

Meanwhile, the US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries has condemned what it describes as ‘the brutality and violence perpetrated by Hamas’ against the people of Israel. ISRI says in a statement: ‘We are heartbroken by the loss of life and stand in solidarity with Israel, for peace and against terror. We are praying for healing for the thousands who are injured, strength and courage for those who are working to bring home all those who have been kidnapped, and comfort for their families.’ 

To provide support, ISRI has donated US$ 50 000 (EUR 47 500) to Israeli medical relief.

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