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India’s e-waste growing at 10% per annum

India – New research has revealed that India is emerging as one of the world’s major electronic waste generators. It was found that e-waste is growing at a rate of 10% per annum in India and that the total is likely to reach 434 000 tonnes this year.
Conducted by a research company with the support of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), the study concluded that over 95% of the e-waste is segregated, dismantled and recycled through the India’s so-called ‘unorganised sector’. It identified an apparent gap in both technological status and market viability in the organised recycling industry. ‘We do not have rules and laws in place for e-waste management and there is a need to address the issue,’ according to DSIR adviser Jyoti Bhatt.

Commenting on the study, Secretary General of the electronics industry association ELCINA Rajoo Goel says: ‘The industry needs advanced e-waste recycling facilities which do not pose a threat to both workers and to the environment. This can be made possible with enactment of existing e-waste guidelines into legislation.’

The study also recommended urgent technological innovation and market intervention in tackling the problem.

There are about 25 000 people employed in India’s e-waste ‘unorganised sector’. Efforts should be made to develop a symbolic relationship between the organised and unorganised sectors in the process of collection of e-waste, says the study.

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