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IARC 2018: call for papers

Austria – The 18th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2018 will be held on 14-16 March, 2018 in Austria’€™s capital Vienna.

More than 250 delegates from the recycling industry, authorities and academia will discuss latest developments and challenges connected to the end-of-life vehicle (ELV) business.

The congress will bring together the various links in the ELV recycling chain such as car manufacturers, metal and plastic scrap traders, recyclers, shredder operators and policy-makers from all over the world.

Among the topics to be addressed at the event will be: Benefits of the circular economy for car manufacturers and recyclers; country reports and updates on new laws and regulations regarding take-back quotas; safety aspects of collection; and recycling of electric vehicles.

A large exhibition area is integrated into the conference facilities, where vendors meet their clients. Cocktail receptions and a networking dinner create an excellent atmosphere to get in touch with business partners, colleagues and competitors.

There will be plant tours to Müller-Guttenbrunn, MBA Polymers Austria, Gratz Recycling, G&S Metallwerk and ENAGES Energie- und Abfallverwertungs Gesellschaft.

Congress organiser ICM has launched a call for papers and invite interested authors to submit their proposal before September 30 to [email protected]


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