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HP to establish e-waste hub in Scotland

Scotland – US multi-national Hewlett-Packard has announced plans to launch a technology renewal centre in Scotland to counter the climbing volume of electronic waste.

To take up roughly 8500 square feet, the facility will become a recycling hub serving customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It will offer asset management and recovery services, encompassing reverse logistics, re-marketing and recycling of IT equipment.

A key objective for the centre will be to reduce e-waste by ‘€˜rigorously renewing’€™ older equipment – through reconditioning and certifying the products back to their original standards, for example. Additionally, measures will be taken to ensure governmental and commercial parties alike are able to acquire legacy HP products and refresh or recycle end-of-life technology in a safe manner, regardless of its type or manufacturer.

‘€˜Equipped to handle the strategic requirements of enterprises large and small, the Erskine facility will enable HP Financial Services to significantly expand the global capabilities, asset management and recycling services we provide our customers,’€™ comments Jim O’€™Grady, Director of Global Asset Management at HP Financial Services. Products with no remaining residual value will be decommissioned as demanded by legislation, he adds.


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