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Hewlett-Packard e-cycling drive helps out Singapore students

Singapore – The people of Singapore discard around 60 million kg of electronics every year. The nation’€™s Hewlett-Packard branch has thus launched a new recycling scheme to help reduce the steady stream of e-scrap while at the same time supporting students in need.

The HP Make IT Green Campaign aims to collect upwards of 10 000 used personal computers, laptops and display monitors across Singapore’s South West district by the end of the year. This represents roughly 50 000 kg of post-consumer electronics.

People living in the area can drop off their unwanted devices at 41 collection points. Funds raised from their recycling and refurbishment will be donated to local unprivileged students, mayor Low Yen Ling has confirmed.

The project is part of a larger initiative called Clean Up South West which has been running for 13 years. This allows people to exchange anything from old newspapers, clothes and other recyclables for grocery vouchers.

HP’s campaign is supported by the South West Community Development Council as well as Singapore’s National Environment Agency.

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