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Exitcom first for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia – During the recent International Electronics Recycling Congress in the Austrian city of Salzburg, Germany-based Exitcom Recycling – which is already operating a lamp and toner recycling plant in Turkey – concluded a contract with Saudi firm International Computer Company (ICC) to build the first e-scrap recycling plant in Saudi Arabia.

The deal envisages the establishment of Exitcom KSA in Saudi Arabia as the first Arab company to recycle e-scrap. ICC Vice President Akram Elyas pointed out that Saudi Arabia suffers from a high volume of e-waste, like other Gulf countries, because of the overwhelming use of electronic technologies, especially mobile phones and computers.

Statistics estimate that Saudi Arabia produces approximately 3 million tonnes of e-waste per annum and this figure is expected to increase five-fold over the next decade. Exitcom will also set up a collection scheme in co-operation with the Saudi environmental ministry and OEMs. ‘The products from the plant will be marketed in Europe, not in Asia,’ noted Exitcom’s General Manager Murat Ilgar.

Formed in Hannover, Germany, in 1999, Exitcom Recycling provides e-waste recovery services. And since 2003, the company has successfully participated in many large-scale projects in its operations in Turkey.

Providing services at two main locations, namely Hannover and Kocaeli in Turkey, the company offers integrated solutions and consulting services in the field of e-waste, environmental technologies and reverse supply chain management.

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