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E-scrap recycling push in the Philippines

Asia – Globe Telecom, a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, is embarking on its ‘biggest and most ambitious’ mobile recycling programme to date in a bid to tackle the massive build-up of e-scrap.

Project 1 Phone has been launched because an increasing number of people in the Philippines are replacing their mobile phones on a yearly basis. Consumers can now donate unused, non-working or damaged phones and tablets, mobile phone batteries and even personal computers to the campaign.

All of the collected devices will be sent to TES-AMM for recovery of both precious metals and plastics. Globe notes that any party – from corporations to schools and local government agencies – are welcome to participate in the programme by adopting recycling bins. Also, the company has pledged that the proceeds will go towards building ′at least 40 school buildings′ in the Aklan area of the country.

′Being a communications provider, Globe takes responsibility in educating the people on how to dispose of their old mobile devices and computers, as well as end-of-life mobile battery packs and chargers, in the best way possible,′ says Yoly Crisanto, senior vice president of Globe′s corporate communications.

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