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E-scrap litter ban is New York’s New Year resolution

United States – Over 2 million tonnes of unwanted electrical and electronic items litter the streets of the USA. However, New York City will be fighting back in 2015 by launching a ban on placing e-scrap at the kerbside from January 1 onwards.

With the volume of dumped computers and other appliances scaling new heights in the Big Apple, the city will be imposing a fine of US$ 100 per e-scrap littering offence. Included on the no-go list will be items both big and small, including last season′s laptops and e-readers as well as dusty video recorders and fax machines.

With snow-covered cathode ray tube televisions a regular sight in urban areas of the USA around the holiday period, residents of New York City are being given a three-month ′grace period′ to get used to the new rules as fines will not be charged until April 1.

Meanwhile, apartment buildings with 10 or more units will be able to enrol in a free electronics recycling pickup programme called e-cycleNYC.

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