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E-scrap guitar hero makes ‘new music’

United States – What do you get when you take six obsolete hard drives, a cut-up keyboard number pad and plenty of curiosity? A futuristic-looking device that’s something between a guitar and a synthesizer. The beauty of e-scrap, says experimental musician Colten Jackson, is that basically any electrical or electronic appliance can be used to produce music.

′Whatever you start with, whether it′s garbage or e-waste, it lends itself to something,′ Jackson notes. The youth from the US state of Illinois is the founder of a new project called Electronic Waste Orchestra, which encourages kids to tinker with discarded objects and transform them into instruments.

Jackson explains that the spinning disc in a hard disk produces sound waves. The subsequent noise, which sounds like an electronic version of handling crystal glasses, can be transmitted fairly easily using sound-generating software. In the case of his ′Hard Rock Guitar′, Jackson has programmed the software so each key on the keyboard represents a certain musical note.

According to Jackson, the Electronic Waste Orchestra is more about ′a new approach to designing music′ than inspiring people to recycle their own discarded devices.


Watch the guitarist showcase his instrument here:

Source: Wired

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