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Dutch take-back scheme shatters collection target

The Netherlands – Wecycle succeeded in collecting more than 110 000 tonnes of post-consumer electrical and electronic devices last year, the Dutch e-scrap take-back scheme has reported. The figure also includes light bulbs. The national collection target of 4 kg of e-scrap per household for 2015 was ‘€˜easily reached’€™, says Wecycle. ‘€˜We collected 6.5 kg worth of e-scrap per inhabitant. This is a great contribution for the Netherlands’€™ progress towards a circular economy.’€™
In total, 66 000 tonnes of e-scrap was collected at municipality facilities – including petting zoos and thrift shops – and another 44 000 tonnes was amassed at stores throughout the country. Small electronics made up the largest proportion (33%), followed by large household appliances (32%), fridges and freezers (22%), and cathode ray tube television screens and monitors (16%).
Wecycle is a national scheme which organises responsible collection and recycling on behalf of 1500 producers and importers.

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