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CRT recycling innovation for SWEEEP Kuusakoski

United Kingdom – One of the UK’s largest electronic waste processors, SWEEEP Kuusakoski, is installing a furnace to recycle lead-containing glass originating from cathode ray tube (CRT) screens. The plant has been devised by UK company Nulife Glass and is the only one of its type commercially available worldwide.

SWEEEP Kuusakoski has been working with Nulife Glass, Sheffield University and Aalto University of Finland for almost two years to perfect the process; as a consequence, new crushing and separation equipment has been developed by SWEEEP Kuusakoski to be ready in time to dovetail with the new furnace technology.

SWEEEP Kuusakoski is the first company in the world to use the technology; it will be collaborating with Nulife Glass and its partner company Kuusakoski Oy of Finland on refining features and tailoring the furnace to its exact needs.

The Nulife furnace – developed by Nulife owner Simon Greer – will melt TV glass; through a combination of heat and chemistry, the hazardous lead content of the glass separates to leave a clean glass and metallic lead. The de-leaded glass has already been successfully used in construction products, counter-tops and other applications.

The UK Environment Agency has already granted end-of-waste status to an added-value product created from the de-leaded CRT glass.

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