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‘Cord-and-battery’ recycling comes to British Columbia

Canada – Besides the usual torches and table lamps, consumers in the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC) will also be able to drop off power tools at collection centres from July 1.

The newly-eligible items for recycling – including sewing machines, lawn mowers and grass trimmers – are part of the so-called ‘€˜cord-and-battery’€™ phase, explains Craig Wisehart, Executive Director of the Electronic Products Recycling Association.

The expansion represents the ‘€˜fifth and final phase’€™ of the electronics recycling programme that was launched in 2007, he says. ‘€˜We call this the cord-and-battery phase because it really does regulate everything with a cord and a battery. This puts BC as the leader in Canada – certainly in the number of products covered.’€™

He adds that consumers will be able to discard their products at no extra charge since the costs of collection, transportation and eventual recycling are already included in the sales price.

‘€˜It certainly is an expansion, providing recycling options for a great number of new product types,’€™ states Jordan Best, Senior Programme Coordinator for the Product Care Association. The list has grown to comprise more than 300 small appliances instead of the original 120; these can be taken to one of the now 120 drop-off depots spread throughout the province.

Retailers appear committed to the upgraded recycling initiative and are ready to help raise awareness of the recycling options, observes Shafiq Jamal, Western Vice President of the Retail Council of Canada. ‘€˜We’€™re on board,’€™ he remarks. ‘€˜Retailers realise that doing the right thing is what we have to do these days.’€™

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