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CEA: 27% surge in US electronics recycling

United States – A total of 585 million pounds of electronics were ‘responsibly recycled’ in the USA last year, according to the latest study by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). With this 27% increase over the 460 million pounds recycled in 2011, the industry ‘continues to make strides toward increasing electronics recycling across the nation’, the organisation notes.

More than 8000 responsible recycling locations are currently available to consumers nationwide – including in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico – as a result of an increasing number of electronics companies joining the CEA’s eCycling Leadership Initiative. ‘By the end of 2012, 99% of the recycling handled by eCycling Leadership Initiative participants was conducted in third-party certified recycling facilities,’ it adds.

The 2012 total was a massive 95% higher than the 300 million pounds of electronics recycled in 2010. Gary Shapiro, president and ceo of the CEA, points out: ‘The consumer electronics industry has recycled more than 1.3 billion pounds of electronics since the inception of the eCycling Leadership Initiative.’

Electronics recycling is a national issue that ‘merits a national approach’, he continues. Therefore, the CEA will continue to dedicate itself to ‘eliminating the costly patchwork of state regulations’.

As part of its efforts, the eCycling Leadership Initiative has set goals to increase the amount of electronics recycled responsibly to 1 billion pounds annually by 2016.

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