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‘Carrie’ automates compressor recycling

E-scrap recycler Environcom has installed an automated dismantling facility for compressors from refrigerators and other cooling appliances, said to be only the second of its kind in Europe, at its site in Grantham, UK.

The machine, known as ‘Carrie’ (Compressor Automated Removal and Recycling Equipment), will process around 10 000 compressors every week. This is expected to generate up to seven tonnes of copper and 60 tonnes of steel weekly, to be returned into manufacturing and reduce the need for virgin raw materials.

The Grantham site employs more than 200 and processes fridges as well as washing machines, dryers, cookers, kettles, toasters and TVs. It also refurbishes white goods for charity and retail partners.

Environcom says Carrie has the advantage of being fully automated and operating within a controlled environment, achieving the highest standards for environmental control and employee health and safety. 

The investment was made possible by support from REPIC, a not-for-profit company established in 2004 by leading companies in the electrical and electronics industry to meet their producer obligations under the WEEE Directive.

‘Ensuring that we have safe and efficient compressor dismantling process right here in the UK is crucial in the drive towards a more circular economy,’ says Cris Stephenson, Environcom ceo.

Louise Grantham, REPIC finance director, adds: ‘We are extremely proud to be involved in this project, which sees the UK pioneer a more safe, efficient and effective solution to compressor dismantling in the UK. We look forward to seeing the positive benefits which Carrie will have on the industry.’

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