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Canadian partners hope for battery boost

North America – Canadians can expect ‘increased clarity and ease’ around battery recycling as a result of a new collaborative agreement between Call2Recycle Canada and the Canadian Battery Association (CBA).

Call2Recycle, which has operations across Canada, focuses on consumer single-use and rechargeable batteries weighing less than 5 kg, while the CBA mainly deals in lead-acid batteries of all sizes, primarily collected from the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.

The two organisations aim to work together to increase the number of drop-off points, reduce consumer confusion and share operations and infrastructure where practicable. They hope that by combining to educate citizens, legislators and stakeholders on best practice, battery recycling will increase throughout Canada.

‘The true winners out of this new partnership are Canadians, who will have increased access to collection sites and an improved overall battery recycling experience,’ says Joe Zenobio, executive director of Call2Recycle Canada. ‘With more sites, a focus on education, and an opportunity to build our collection networks together, today’s announcement is a real step forward in helping keep batteries out of landfills across the country.’

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