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Call for papers: 13th International Electronics Recycling Congress

Austria – The 13th International Electronics Recycling Congress will take place on January 22-24 next year in Salzburg, Austria.

Industry leaders from around the world are expected to gather to exchange views on the most significant developments and challenges relating to the global e-scrap sector. To this end, congress organiser ICM of Switzerland has launched a call for papers and is encouraging prospective speakers to submit their proposals before July 31 this year.

The preliminary programme includes a panel discussion entitled Stop robbery of raw materials, as well as presentations covering: design for recycling; take-back schemes; recycling of strategic metals such as rare earths and platinum group metals; hazardous elements inside recyclables; emerging markets; and developments in recycling standards.

As well as providing a platform for a number of distinguished speakers, including MBA Polymers president and founder Dr Mike Biddle, the event will also incorporate plant tours to some of Austrias leading recycling companies. An exhibition area will be integrated into the conference facilities to provide vendors with the opportunity to meet their clients. Cocktail receptions and a networking dinner will also be staged to assist delegates in making contact with business partners.

For more information, contact: Susann Schmid at ICM, Schwaderhof 7, 5708 Birrwil, Switzerland Phone: +41 62 785 1000 Fax: +41 62 785 1005 Email: [email protected]

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