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Reftman: ‘Explosive demand for cable strippers’

Recycling equipment producer Eldan is expanding its manufacturing facility in Denmark to meet fast-growing demand. In 2018, the company saw a 50% jump in orders for cable recycling lines while sales of tyre lines increased by 20%.

‘It has been an amazing year,’ says ceo Toni Reftman. ‘We expected an increase but the results were far beyond expectations.’ According to Reftman, ever-stricter regulation, import bans and a broad and growing call for higher quality scrap have boosted global demand for advanced recycling technologies. To fulfill customer needs, Eldan has upgraded its small and medium capacity cable recycling systems. New pre-choppers for cable and tyre recycling have also been launched.

Energy savers

Among the latest pieces of technology is the Twin Shaft Clean-Cut Shredder to process car and truck tyres. The machine is claimed to deliver up to 50% in power savings. The low capacity Redoma Thunderhawk cable recycling system has also been redesigned to make it ‘ideal’ for processing harness wire.

E-scrap solutions

Eldan has several projects in the pipeline. ‘The interest in tyre and cable recycling equipment will continue to increase,’ says Reftman. ‘We are also seeing growing demand for e-scrap recycling solutions.’ Eldan is currently working on the development of small capacity e-scrap lines.

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