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British Columbia undertakes e-toys campaign

Canada – Children in the Canadian province of British Columbia no longer have to keep hold of unwanted electrical toys. In the first e-waste campaign of its kind, the Canadian Brandowners Residual Stewardship Corporation (CBRSC) has launched a scheme under which all battery-powered playthings can be handed in at a local Return-It depot.

The government-backed programme accepts items right up to large ride-on electrical toys and including gaming devices. Once collected at the drop-off points, the items are sent to local processor Genesis Recycling for separation and processing.

CBRSC President Lyndall Fry said it was the right time to do something about all those childhood objects collecting dust in cupboards. ‘€˜Electronic toy recycling is part of an important environmental initiative for British Columbia, and our membership is committed to collecting and recycling these products responsibly and effectively,’€™ she commented. Mrs Fry believed the initiative would succeed since BC residents already actively participated in multiple recycling programmes.

According to CBRSC, the new project is a collaborative effort with Waste Management of Canada and 12 other industry-managed recycling programmes set up for beverage containers, tyres, oil products and electronics devices. 

Mrs Fry indicated that metals and plastics from the toys collected would be reprocessed or sold on after sorting, while batteries would be recycled in line with the cooperation agreement between the electronic toy programme and the Call2Recycle battery recycling programme.

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