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Boliden boosts its electronics recycling presence

Sweden – Boliden AB has officially opened its latest US$ 181 million electronics recycling facility at the Rönnskär copper smelter. Inaugurated by Swedish Minister for the Environment Lena Ek, this heavy investment is said to increase the smelter’€™s capacity to 120 000 tonnes per year.

The reason behind this development is the growing availability of electronic scrap due to the on-going popularity of electronic devices, shorter product life-cycles and harsher e-waste legislation, points out Boliden’€™s CEO and President Lennart Evrell. ‘€˜A growing share of the metal production will originate from recycling,’€™ he explains. ‘€˜With this project, Boliden combines high environmental performance with good business returns.’€™

The project started in 2010 and the smelting of electronic material began as planned in January this year. ‘€˜This expansion takes advantage of our extensive experience in recycling electronics and enhances our competitive position in a growing market,’€™ adds Roger Sundqvist, General Manager at Rönnskär.

Boliden currently employs approximately 4500 people and records an annual turnover of around US$ 5.7 billion.

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