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Better battery recycling with Bettery?

United States – US battery recycling player Bettery has installed its first rechargeable battery Swap Stations at Whole Foods Market stores in the states of Washington and Oregon.

The new kiosks with touch-screen displays provide local residents with a drop-off site and an opportunity to exchange their depleted single-use alkaline AA and AAA batteries for new ones from Bettery. These batteries can be reused ‘hundreds of times’ before they lose their capacity; when this ultimately happens, ‘we recycle them responsibly’, the company makes clear. ‘Our extensive research shows that consumers will embrace a convenient, affordable option for reusable batteries,’ says Bettery’s founder and ceo Charlie Kawasaki.

Eventually, the company wants to reduce the environmental impact of the 2.5 billion batteries thrown away annually across the entire country, explains Kawasaki. ‘We are placing our Swap Stations at locations where people are already making regular shopping visits, so they don’t have to go out of their way to start saving money and helping the environment,’ he notes. So far, three Bettery Swap Stations have been installed at Whole Foods Market stores in Portland, with two more at locations in Seattle. For more information, visit:

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